According to Urban Dictionary, OKIMA is:
Uniquely talented. Beautiful physically and spiritually. Marches to the beat of her own drum and is usually misunderstood. Has a warm and magnetic personality that draw many people to her. Is usually laid back and not easily shaken or broken. However the wrath of her temper is nothing that anyone wants to flair. Deeply sensual, sexy, alluring, and stimulating. Her spirituality and sexuality are thoroughly intwined together as one.


Why do I exist?  


This has always been one of many important questions in my mind. The others were something like: What is the core of this existence? What is the meaning of it all? ... and many other "whys", "whens", "hows" and "wheres".

It is an inseparable part of my Aquarian nature, and it led me to this point in time and space. The point, where I want to ask YOU the same questions. Not to bother you, but to help you to find your own purpose, your own path and your own source of joy.


What do I offer?  


I offer a full set of tools which I have learned while working on my self-actualization. Which is quite a wide spectrum ranging from simple sharing and consultations, through in-depth research of your gifts and flaws based on astrological and other traditions, all the way to practical exercises, which will help you to shatter your walls and help you move freely.

I'm convinced, that individual path is the most effective for any human being searching for personal growth. Therefore we will not use some ready-made rigid structures, but instead we will choose the individual way and tools especially for you. 


What experience do I have?  


I have been learning and practicing self-actualization techniques for all my life. I have been reading tons of books, listening to countless hours of lectures from big self-development names and gurus, attending many workshops and trainings, including John Hawken's 1 year basic and 1 year advanced tantric trainings followed by many retreats, 1 year tantric massage training, 1 year shamanic healing training, Jyaynanada's 2 year Tao Of Conscious Touch traning and others. I have been participating as an assistant on John Hawken's tantric trainings for few years. I have been praciticing different massage techniques (especially sensual) for many years. I have been practicing different shamanic techniques and discovering psychonautic paths to increased consciousness. I have gone through some profound experiences and received many blessings. And I will never stop learning.


Who do I offer my services to?  


I am willing to dedicate my time only to conscious beings determined to work actively on their development. I have very little to offer to to those, who are passive, because I have no magical pills, which will make the journey for you.

I cannot play childish "spirituality" games with you. My Mayan sign is Storm. My western tradition is Aquarian (in 6th house), my Moon is in Aries (in 9th house). My identity number is 3. My shamanic name is "Home At The Edge".

If you understand this a little, I believe you understand why I say what I say.


What you can expect is a change in your life. We will try to look into your very core and search for what is there, why is it there and what do YOU want to do with that. We will teach each other during the process and we will grow together.


Why do I do that?  


Because I have to. I feel this as one of my primary targets in this life. My motivation is my own deep inner longing, feeling of my own purpose.... Which is to help YOU to find what you are and help you to be what YOU want to be. Within this process, money will keep it's original purpose of being just a simple tool of energy exchange. And I am very glad I can assure you that money is in no way my primary motive.


However, that is not all 


Another part of my Aquarian nature loves technology, philosophy and hermetic traditions. I love to connect dots and different worlds. And I like being creative, which is why I am involved in other projects simultaneously.


Life is so short and so full of possibilities...


Here comes a selection of my most important "side" projects:

(KVELB, D2Drives)

From 1991

Co-founder, Co-owner,

Director, Advisor


From 2012

Founder, Owner


From 2019

Founder, Co-owner



From 2017 (pre-birth state)

Founder, Co-owner



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