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There is no life without evolution.

There is no evolution without freedom.

There is no freedom without responsibility.

There is no responsibilty without understanding.

There is no understanding without learning.

There is no learning without opening our minds.

Human Face Business

Making business with respect and kindness is THE WAY.

About Human Face Business

Doing business the right way is a great tool for building and sustaining friendships, connecting nations and healing old wounds. It is a way to bring more happiness into lives of people. It is about prosperity for people, about protection for nature, and about progress for humanity.

Business with human face is a bridge, a path for members of all ethnic groups and followers of any religion to cooperate.

What else than mutual respect and creative cooperation could bring long-term peace and abundance to our planet?

But how?

It is not as difficult as it may look. We all have our handbook within. It is more about courage to make things different way and willingness to risk some public misunderstandings, then it is about spending millions to get the right degrees.

It is so much more about listening to your conscience, developing your ingeniousness and growing your ability to lead and connect people, while maintaining a humble and human approach.

In my quite long, small and medium-size international business career, I have been participating and managing different areas of business processes and developing systems and control mechanisms, mostly with a great help from my co-workers (who always became my friends too), and with a great help of modern and ancient knowledge from many of our precious global sources.

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My Experience


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My Projects

K-DRIVES (formerly KVELB s.r.o.)
Leading supplier of electrical industrial drives with 30 years experience in global sales. My positions: Co-owner, Quality Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager (formerly)
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Czech-Egyptian company focusing on developing international business in areas like supplies and services of industrial drives, water and fluids supply and control and real estate investment and development. My role: Co-owner and General Manager
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COPA is a personal development project in Olomouc, Czech Republic. For anybody who likes to move, learn and grow. My role: Founder
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Personal blog. A bit more comprehensive insight into my inner worlds. My role: Author
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There is a new big web project being born behind the veil. It is big and it is global. Wait a little and you fill find out. If you wish to cooperate, let me know...

My Life…

… was always about learning and conscious evolving. Learning as much as possible, mostly outside of schooling systems, which always made me feel more suppressed than supported.

I was always very curious and wanted to understand anything I came across or needed to utilize in my day-to-day working and private life.

I need to make my own conclusions and I can only follow my own set of principles and ethics, which I feel so deeply rooted in my inner world.

For me, there is no freedom without knowledge and responsibility…

I really need to be free, at least in my private world, which I have woven from colorful threads originating in so many modern and ancient cultures and places, scientific and technological areas and social and religious groups of all kinds.

This is the way of my life.

Thank you for visiting this place and spending your time reading these words.

I wish you a beautiful life full of love and passion.


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